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Le 5 novembre 2022 de 10h30 à 12h00

Book in Bar - Librairie internationale

Un p'tit déj avec votre libraire ? Nous y parlerons du livre I Must Betray You de Ruta Sepetys

Cristian has lived his entire life in the grip of a repressive dictatorship. The country is governed by fear. When the secret police blackmail him, Cristian has an impossible choice. Save the life of his sick grandfather by informing on his family, or risk his life - and all of theirs - by resisting?

At 17, Cristian dreams of being free but doesn't know where to turn. In this climate of constant suspicion, can he trust his best friend, his girlfriend or even his family?

Closely based on the real events of the Romanian Revolution of 1989, this is a powerful, heart-breaking thriller from the author of
Salt to the Sea, winner of the Carnegie Medal.