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    Stephen Fry

    • Michael joseph
    • 11 November 2021

    Pre-order Stephen Fry''s Tie Talk now - the perfect gift for the tie-wearer in your>____________br>br>Every single one of Stephen Fry''s ties - whether floral, fluorescent, football themed; striped or spotty, outrageous or simply debonair - tells an intimate tale about a moment in Stephen''s>br>Inspired by Stephen''s hugely popular Instagram posts, this book will feature beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations and photographs to celebrate his expansive collection of man''s greatest clothing companion: The Tie, in all it''s sophisticated>br>Distinctively funny and offering witty asides, facts and personal stories, this book will make the perfect gift for anyone who has ever worn a tie.>

  • Anglais Annie Leibovitz : wonderland

    Annie Leibovitz

    • Phaidon press
    • 18 November 2021

    Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz's surprising - and surprised - account of her encounters with fashion.

    'Looking back at my work, I see that fashion has always been there,' Annie Leibovitz observes in the preface to her new book, Wonderland.
    'Fashion plays a part in the scheme of everything, but photography always comes first for me.
    The photograph is the most important part.
    And photography is so big that it can encompass journalism, portraiture, reportage, family photographs, fashion. . . . My work for Vogue fueled the fire for a kind of photography that I might not otherwise have explored.'



    • Faber
    • 15 February 2017

    In the late eighties and early nineties, Moby, then an underground DJ and musician, was scraping out a living in New York City. In a scene popular chiefly among working-class African-Americans and Latinos, Moby - a poor, skinny, white Christian, vegan and teetotaller - looked like he would never make it. By the late nineties, contemplating the end of his music career, he released what he assumed would be his swansong, Play , which went on to become a multi-million-selling album, opening up an astonishing new phase in his life. Porcelain is an unfailingly honest, funny and brilliantly written memoir about making it, losing it, loving it, hating it and everything in between.


    Justine Picardie

    • Faber & faber
    • 9 September 2021

    Miss Dior is a story of freedom and fascism, beauty and betrayal, roses and repression, and how the polished surface of fashion conceals hidden depths. It paints a portrait of the enigmatic woman behind the designer Christian Dior: his beloved younger sister Catherine, who inspired his most famous perfume and shaped his vision of femininity. Justine Picardie''s journey takes her to Occupied Paris, where Christian honed his couture skills while Catherine dedicated herself to the French Resistance, until she was captured by the Gestapo and deported to the German concentration camp of Ravensbruck. With unparalleled access to the Dior family homes and archives, Picardie''s research into Catherine''s courageous life shines a new light on Christian Dior''s legendary work, and reveals how his enchanting ''New Look'' emerged out of the shadows of his sister''s suffering. Tracing the wartime paths of the Dior siblings leads Picardie deep into other hidden histories, and different forms of resistance and sisterhood. She explores what it means to believe in beauty and hope, despite our knowledge of darkness and despair, and discovers the timeless solace of the natural world in the aftermath of devastation and destruction. The result is an exquisite and unforgettably moving book. *A beautiful, full colour illustrated book featuring exclusive images from the Dior archives*


    Wei Wei Ai

    • Bodley head ltd
    • 2 November 2021

    In his widely anticipated memoir, Ai Weiwei - one of the world''s most famous artists and activists - tells a century-long epic tale of China through the story of his own extraordinary life and the legacy of his father, Ai Qing, the nation''s most celebrated poet. Hailed as '' the most important artist working today '' by the Financial Times and as '' an eloquent and unsilenceable voice of freedom '' by the New York Times, Ai Weiwei has written a sweeping memoir that presents a remarkable history of China over the last 100 years while illuminating his artistic process. Once an intimate of Mao Zedong, Ai Weiwei''s father was branded a rightist during the Cultural Revolution, and he and his family were banished to a desolate place known as '' Little Siberia '' , where Ai Qing was sentenced to hard labour cleaning public toilets. Ai Weiwei recounts his childhood in exile, and his difficult decision to leave his family to study art in America, where he befriended Allen Ginsberg and was inspired by Andy Warhol. With candour and wit, he details his return to China and his rise from artistic unknown to art world superstar and international human rights activist - and how his work has been shaped by living under a totalitarian regime. Ai Weiwei''s sculptures and installations have been viewed by millions around the globe, and his architectural achievements include helping to design the iconic Bird''s Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing. His political activism has long made him a target of the Chinese authorities, which culminated in months of secret detention without charge in 2011. Here, for the first time, Ai Weiwei explores the origins of his exceptional creativity and passionate political beliefs through his own life story and that of his father, whose own creativity was stifled. At once ambitious and intimate, 1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows offers a deep understanding of the myriad forces that have shaped modern China, and serves as a timely reminder of the urgent need to protect freedom of expression.


    Dave Grohl

    • Simon & schuster uk
    • 5 October 2021


    • External catalogues uk
    • 11 October 2021

    Tom Hagler

    • Cassell plc
    • 2 September 2021

    With consultant editor Tony Visconti. David Bowie''s story has never been told quite like this. Tracing the star''s encounters with fellow icons throughout his life, We Could Be offers a new history of Bowie, collecting 300 short stories that together paint a portrait of humour, humility, compassion, tragedy and more besides. He embarrasses himself in front of Lennon and Warhol. He saves the life of Nina Simone. He is hated by Bob Dylan. He teaches Michael Jackson the moonwalk. Individually astonishing, together these stories - including details never before revealed - build a new picture of Bowie, one which shows his vulnerability, his sense of humour, his inner diva. Exhaustively researched from thousands of sources by BBC reporter and Bowie obsessive Tom Hagler - with the guidance and memories of Bowie''s long-time producer Tony Visconti - We Could Be is fascinating, comic, compelling, and a history of Bowie unlike any that has come before.



    • Orphans publishing
    • 15 October 2021

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  • Anglais The Beatles : get back


    • Thames & hudson
    • 6 October 2021

    The book opens in January 1969, the beginning of The Beatles' last year as a band. The Beatles (The White Album) is at number one in the charts and the foursome gather in London for a new project. Over 21 days, first at Twickenham Film Studios and then at their own brand-new Apple Studios, with cameras and tape recorders documenting every day's work and conversations, the band rehearse a huge number of songs, culminating in their final concert, which famously takes place on the rooftop of their own office building, bringing central London to a halt.

    The Beatles: Get Back tells the story of those sessions through transcripts of the band's candid conversations. Drawing on over 120 hours of sound recordings, leading music writer John Harris edits the richly captivating text to give us a fly-on-the-wall experience of being there in the studios. These sessions come vividly to life through hundreds of unpublished, extraordinary images by two photographers who had special access to their sessions-Ethan A. Russell and Linda Eastman (who married Paul McCartney two months later). Also included are many unseen high-resolution film-frames, selected from the 55 hours of restored footage from which Peter Jackson's documentary is also drawn.

    Legend has it that these sessions were a grim time for a band falling apart. However, as acclaimed novelist Hanif Kureishi writes in his introduction, "In fact this was a productive time for them, when they created some of their best work. And it is here that we have the privilege of witnessing their early drafts, the mistakes, the drift and digressions, the boredom, the excitement, joyous jamming and sudden breakthroughs that led to the work we now know and admire." Half a century after their final performance, this book completes the story of the creative genius, timeless music, and inspiring legacy of The Beatles.

    "It would be fair to say that today Let It Be symbolizes the breaking-up of The Beatles. That's the mythology, the truth is somewhat different. The real story of Let It Be has been locked in the vaults of Apple Corps for the last 50 years." - Peter Jackson.

  • Version originale en anglais de l'ouvrage à paraître au Seuil, qui réunit des entretiens entre David Hockney et son ami le critique d'art Martin Gayford.

  • Women in Art celebrates the success of some of the most iconic and fearless women who paved the way for the next generation of artists. From well-known figures such as Frida Kahlo and Dame Vivienne Westwood to lesser-known artists including Harriet Powers (the nineteenth-century African American quilter) and Yoyoi Kusama (a Japenese sculptor), this charmingly illustrated and inspiring book highlights the achievements of 50 notable women in the arts. Covering a wide array of artistic mediums, this fascinating collection also contains infographics about artistic movements throughout history, statistics about women's representation in museums, and notable works by women who have inspired the world from the 11th century to today.

  • From his emergence in the 1950s - when an uncannily beautiful young man from Oklahoma appeared in the West Coast and became, seemingly overnight, the prince of 'cool' jazz - until his violent, drug-related death in Amsterdam in 1988, Chet Baker lived a life that has become an American myth. At once sexy and forbidding, the so-called 'James Dean of Jazz' struck a note of menace in the staid fifties.

    In this first major biography, the story of Baker's demise is finally revealed. So is the truth behind his tormented childhood. Behind Baker's icy facade lay something ominous, unspoken. The mystery drove both sexes crazy. But his only real romance, apart from music, was with drugs. Gavin brilliantly recreates the life of a man whose journey from golden promise to eventual destruction mirrored America's fall from post-war innocence - but whose music has never lost the power to enchant and seduce us.

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  • Français Faces and places ; Northern Ireland, 1975-2020

    Bernard Lesaing

    • Editions de juillet
    • 20 November 2020

    Plus de vingt ans après les accords de paix de 1998 qui mirent fin à la période des « Troubles », et alors que la mise en oeuvre du Brexit remet l'Irlande du Nord sur le devant de la scène, cet ouvrage bilingue en trois parties pose un regard nouveau sur l'histoire récente de ce territoire vulnérable.

    Il juxtapose des scènes de vie quotidienne prises dans les années 1970, au coeur du conflit, à celles de l'Irlande du Nord d'aujourd'hui, que côtoie une série d'une vingtaine de portraits.

    Bernard Lesaing, photographe-reporter, a pris le temps de se lier aux habitants et d'expérimenter la vie locale.

    Il nous invite dans ce livre à le suivre sur le chemin de la réconciliation en suivant le fil narratif du noir et blanc. Des textes d'universitaires et des témoignages d'habitants apportent un éclairage complémentaire. Ce projet collaboratif contribue à faire émerger une nouvelle représentation de l'Irlande du Nord, à révéler la vitalité de ses habitants, la pluralité de leurs expériences et la persistance de l'espoir face à l'adversité.



    • Collins
    • 6 September 2020