Serpent's Tail

  • Anglais Black rock

    Amanda Smyth

    Celia's mother died bringing her into the world. So she lives in Black Rock, Tobago, with her cousins and her aunt Tassi's second husband Roman, a man so sly he could crawl under a snake's belly on stilts. Celia thinks he's the devil, so when he does something that proves her right, she runs away to...

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  • Anglais Capture

    Roger Smith

    Tells the stories of three desperate people. A father who is broken by grief and guilt. A son still haunted by the ghosts of his past. And a mother, desperate to save her child. In Cape Town, these three are drawn into a spiral of manipulation and murder that leaves them fighting for their sanity an...

  • Anglais Mixed Blood

    Roger Smith

    Reluctant bank robber Jack Burn is on the run after a heist in the US that left three million dollars missing and one cop dead. Hiding out in Cape Town, he is desperate to build a new life for his pregnant wife and young son. But on a tranquil evening in their new suburban neighborhood, they are the...

  • Anglais Dust Devils

    Roger Smith

    On the run after being framed for murdering his family, South African journalist Robert Dell's only ally is his oldest enemy: his father. Bobby Goodbread, an ex-CIA hitman just sprung from prison for atrocities he committed whilst in the employ of the apartheid regime, joins his son on a bloody cros...