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    • 9 December 2020

    Rita Mae Brown

    • Bantam
    • 1 May 2017

    In this fast-paced mystery by Rita Mae Brown and her feline co-author Sneaky Pie Brown, Mary Minor @00000041@ldquo;Harry@00000041@rdquo; Haristeen and her animal friends seek to solve a whodunit rooted in eighteenth-century Virginia--uncovering a shocking secret that refuses to stay buried.@00000341@ @00000341@ @00000327@TALL TAIL@00000133@@00000341@ @00000341@ At any moment a perfect summer day in Crozet, Virginia--nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains--might turn stormy and tempestuous, as Harry knows too well when a squall suddenly sweeps in. In a blink, Harry@00000065@s pickup nearly collides with a careening red car that then swerves into a ditch. Harry recognizes the dead driver slumped over the vehicle@00000065@s steering wheel: Barbara Leader was nurse and confidante to former Virginia governor Sam Holloway.@00000341@ @00000341@ Though Barbara@00000065@s death is ruled a heart attack, dissenting opinions abound. After all, she was the picture of health, which gives Harry and her four-legged companions pause. A baffling break-in at a local business leads Harry to further suspect that a person with malevolent intent lurks just out of sight: Something evil is afoot.@00000341@ @00000341@ As it happens, Barbara died in the shadow of the local cemetery@00000065@s statue of the Avenging Angel. Just below that imposing funereal monument lie the remains of one Francisco Selisse, brutally murdered in 1784. Harry@00000065@s present-day sleuthing draws her back to Virginia@00000065@s slave-holding past and the hunt for Selisse@00000065@s killer. Now it@00000065@s up to Harry and her furry detectives--Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, and Tee Tucker--to expose the bitter truth, even if it means staring into the unforgiving eyes of history and cornering a callous killer poised to pounce.@00000341@@00000341@@00000327@Praise for the Mrs. Murphy Mysteries by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown @00000133@@00000341@ @00000341@ @00000041@ldquo;As feline collaborators go, you couldn@00000065@t ask for better than Sneaky Pie Brown.@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@@00000373@--The New York Times Book Review@00000155@@00000133@@00000341@ @00000341@ @00000041@ldquo;Mrs. Murphy mysteries are fun, sweet, and beautifully adventurous.@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@--@00000373@Bustle@00000155@@00000133@@00000341@ @00000341@ @00000041@ldquo;Brown [is] the queen of the talking animal cozy.@00000041@rdquo;@00000327@--@00000373@Publishers Weekly@00000155@@00000133@


    Rita Mae Brown

    • Bantam
    • 18 April 2018

    Rita Mae Brown and her feline co-author Sneaky Pie Brown are back chasing mystery with their unique circle of Southern sleuths. And though the changing colors of fall are a beauty to behold, this year the scattered leaves hide a grim surprise. As feline collaborators go, you couldnt ask for better than Sneaky Pie Brown. --The New York Times Book Review Autumn is in the air in the Blue Ridge Mountain community of Crozet, Virginia--and all the traditions of the changing seasons are under way. Mary Minor Harry Haristeen cleans her cupboards, her husband, Fair, prepares the horses for the shorter days ahead, and the clamorous barking of beagles signals the annual rabbit chase through the central Virginia hills. But the last thing the local beaglers and their hounds expect to flush out is a dead body. Disturbingly, its the second corpse to turn up, after that of a missing truck driver too disfigured to identify. The deaths seem unrelated--until Harry picks up a trail of clues dating back to the states post-Revolutionary past. The echoes of the Shot Heard Round the World pale in comparison to the dangerous shootout Harry narrowly escapes unscathed. Next time, it may be the killer who gets lucky. But not if Harrys furry friends Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, and Tucker can help it. Lending their sharp-nosed talents to the hunt, theyll help their mistress keep more lives from being lost--and right an injustice buried since the early days of Americas independence. Praise for A Hiss Before Dying Clearly the cats meow. -- Library Journal Thoroughly delightful! --Red Carpet Crash An air of mystery, a touch of history and that undeniable voice . . . Sneaky Pie Brown is back on the prowl. -- Daily Progress The staccato conversation style of the contemporary chapters contrasts nicely with the more fluid prose of those set in the eighteenth century. Browns signature asides--on such subjects as local and national politics, traditional art, race, God, and just about anything else that strikes her fancy--give readers plenty to think about. -- Publishers Weekly

  • NATIONAL BESTSELLER NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY SUSPENSE MAGAZINE Rita Mae Brown and her feline co-author Sneaky Pie Brown return with a mystery starring Mary Minor Harry Haristeen, intrepid kitty sleuths Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, and Tee Tucker, the ever-faithful crime-solving corgi. This time around, Harry and her animal friends track a killer whose trail has gone as cold as the weather in December. NINE LIVES TO DIE Winter has come to Crozet, Virginia, bringing with it a fresh blanket of snow. Harry and her husband, Fair, are hip deep in their usual end-of-the-year activities: distributing food to needy residents, and shopping for outfits for the Silver Linings youth organizations annual fundraising gala. But buried beneath the white stuff are dark secrets from Crozets past--and Harry and her posse of pet detectives are determined to sniff them out. Two Silver Linings mentors have been found dead in suspicious circumstances. If that werent enough to chill the bones of the locals, a pair of severed human fingers has turned up in a pencil jar in the bookkeepers office at St. Cyrils church. What does this grisly display have to do with the mysterious disappearance of Harrys voluptuous high school Latin teacher, a quarter of a century ago? Maybe nothing. But when the animals make another gruesome discovery in the woods behind Harrys farm, it becomes clear that terrible crimes have been committed in Crozet--and somebodys gone to great lengths to cover them up. Its time to stop shoveling snow and start digging for clues. The truth will be revealed. A cold case will be solved. And a twenty-five-year-old love triangle is about to get untangled. The weather outside may be frightful, but Harry and her four-legged friends refuse to be spooked off the case. Praise for Nine Lives to Die Witty and entertaining . . . a recipe for continued success and an engaging read. -- Richmond Times-Dispatch The unabashed loves of [Rita Mae Browns] life . . . are infectious. Perhaps because they are so clearly heartfelt, its easy to be swept up in the glory of her passions. -- New York Journal of Books Murder and mayhem are the order of the day in bestseller [Rita Mae] Browns well-plotted twenty-second Mrs. Murphy mystery. . . . Browns idyllic world, with its Christian values, talking animals, and sympathetic middle-aged pet owners, has understandably struck a chord with many readers. -- Publishers Weekly Rita Mae Brown, along with . . . Sneaky Pie, have made Harry Harristeen and her feline companion, Mrs. Murphy, household names. -- Library Journal Praise for the Mrs. Murphy mysteries As feline collaborators go, you couldnt ask for better than Sneaky Pie Brown. --The New York Times Book Review

  • In small-town Crozet, Virginia, Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen and her feline sleuthing partners, Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, investigate when her friend, local architect Tazio Chappers, becomes the prime suspect in the killing of his most difficult client, Mrs. Carla Paulson, found dead at a fundraiser with Tazio standing over the body holding a knife. Reprint.

  • After she finds a body on a Christmas tree farm owned by the Brothers of Love, a semi-monastic organization, Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen seeks a murderer as prominent men of Crozet, Virginia, continue to turn up dead.

  • It's no secret that cats are a mystery writer's best friend. Just ask the bestselling team of Rita Mae Brown and her furry partner, Sneaky Pie Brown, back on the prowl with another unforgettable whodunit. This time a controversial miracle in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains sparks religious fervor-and a suspicious death. Now the indefatigable felines Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, along with the dogged corgi Tee Tucker, must trust their animal instincts to sniff out the worst of human nature....
    With the holidays approaching, Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen and her best friend, Susan Tucker, take a much-needed time-out at the mountain monastery of Mount Carmel. There, under the benevolent gaze of the statue of the Virgin Mary, their worldly worries are soon overshadowed. For in front of their very eyes the statue begins to cry tears of blood.
    Legend has it that Mary's crimson tears are harbingers of crises. And though skeptical, the ever-practical Harry can already see one on the horizon. If leaked, news of the so-called miracle could turn the monastery and the town of Crozet into a circus. What Harry doesn't foresee is murder....
    When Susan's great-uncle Thomas, a resident monk, is found frozen to death at the base of the statue, foul play is ruled out-at first. But at Harry's urging, the body is exhumed for an autopsy. There's just one problem: the coffin is empty. That's when Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, and Tucker get involved. Then there's the shocking revelation of a mystery that has perplexed the citizens of Crozet for ages.
    With Christmas around the corner and the monastery overrun by the faithful, all Harry's meddling menagerie can do is stay on her trail as she jumps knee-deep into an unofficial investigation-one that becomes more dangerous when another Crozet citizen meets an untimely demise. In this case it will be a miracle if Harry stays alive....
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Anglais SOUR PUSS

    Rita Mae Brown

    In small-town Crozet, Virginia, Harry Haristeen is kindling her romance with veterinarian Fair when their bliss is threatened by the murder of Professor Vincent Forland, a world-renowned grape and fungal expert visiting local vineyards, a crime in which Harry's curious pets--Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, and Tucker--stumble upon the first clue. Reprint.

  • Anglais PUSS 'N CAHOOTS

    Rita Mae Brown

    During a long delayed (second) honeymoon to the Saddlebred show in Shelbyville, Kentucky, Harry and Fair Hairsteen--accompanied by feline sleuth Mrs. Murphy, Tucker the Corgi, and Pewter, a kitten--stumble into the midst of a crime wave when their hosts are robbed on the day they arrive, a valuable mare is stolen in broad daylight, and a groom is found murdered. Reprint.


    Rita Mae Brown

    With rabies on the rise and a new post office threatening her position, Harry Haristeen and her trio of feline detective friends find themselves in even more trouble when they start snooping around an irresistible mystery. Reprint.

  • The Tail of the TipOffWhen winter hits Crozet, Virginia, it hits hardand hangs on for months. Thatyes'>#8217;s nothing new to postmistress Mary Minor yes'>#8220;Harryyes'>#8221; Haristeen and her friends, who keep warm with hard work, hot toddies, and rabid rooting for the University of Virginiayes'>#8217;s womenyes'>#8217;s basketball team at the old stadium affectionately dubbed yes'>#8220;The Clam.yes'>#8221; But the usual postgame high spirits are laid low when contractor H. H. Donaldson drops dead in the parking lot. And pretty soon word has spread that it wasnyes'>#8217;t a heart attack that did him in. It just doesnyes'>#8217;t sit right with Harry that one of her fellow fansperhaps even an acquaintance or neighbor sitting close by in the standsis a murderer. And as tiger cat Mrs. Murphy is all too aware, things that donyes'>#8217;t sit right with Harry make her restless, curious, and prone to poking her notverysensitive human nose into dangerous places. So the animals start paying closer attention to what the people around them are doingand theyyes'>#8217;re the first ones to realize when the next murder occurs.It seems obvious to Harry that the deaths are connectedand she intends to find out exactly how. Thereyes'>#8217;s no shortage of suspects, considering that H.H. was a ladiesyes'>#8217; man whoyes'>#8217;d left a trail of broken hearts all over townthe most recent belonging to his wife and that the second murder victim was not very populr in Crozet.As the police launch their investigation, Harry picks up clues through savvy questioning of everyone she knows. But ityes'>#8217;s the critters who are most attuned to troublethey scent something wicked wafting Harryyes'>#8217;s way on the tail of the next snowstorm. And as Harry draws closer to the truth about a brutal killer, Mrs. Murphy and her friends realize ityes'>#8217;s up to them to make sure their intrepid mom lands on her feet.From the Hardcover edition.

  • Anglais Full Cry

    Rita Mae Brown

    In the third novel of her captivating foxhunting series, Rita Mae Brown welcomes readers back for a final tour of a world where most business is conducted on horsebackyes'>#8211;and stables are de rigueur for even the smallest of estates. Here, in the wealthstudded hills of Jefferson County, Virginia, even evil rides a mount.The allimportant New Yearyes'>#8217;s Hunt commences amid swirling light snow. It is the last formal hunt of the season; therefore, participation is required no matter how hungover riders are from toasting the midnight before. On this momentous occasion, yes'>#8220;Sisteryes'>#8221; Jane Arnold, master of the foxhounds, announces her new joint master and the new president of the Jefferson Hunt. And her choices will prove to be no less than shocking.The dayyes'>#8217;s festivities are quickly marred, though, by what appears on the surface to be an unrelated tragedy. Sam Lorillard, former shining star and Harvard Law School alum, lies dead of a stab wound on a baggage cart at the old train station, surrounded by the outcasts and vagabonds who composed his social circle at the end of life. No one can remember when Sam started drinking, but the downward spiral was swiftyes'>#8211;and seemingly deadly. Murder is followed by scandal when Sister Jane discovers dishonest hunting practices going on in a neighboring club. Unsure whether to turn a blind eye or report the infringement to the proper authority, Sister and her huntsman, Shaker rown, decide to investigate a little further, with the help of their trusty hounds. But when they come a little too close to the staggering truthyes'>#8211;and uncover an unforeseen connection to Lorillardyes'>#8217;s murderyes'>#8211;they realize they might not survive to see the next New Yearyes'>#8217;s Hunt.Intricate, witty, and full of the varied voices of creatures both great and small, Full Cry is an astute reminder that even those with the bluest of blood still bleed red.From the Hardcover edition.

  • Dans la petite ville de Crozet, en Virginie, tout le monde sait tout sur tout le monde, et tout particulièrement Mary Minor Haristeen, dite « Harry », la jeune receveuse des postes, et ses « filles » : Mrs Murphy, une chatte tigrée, supérieurement intelligente; et Tee Tucker, un corgi gallois, amie intime de Mrs Murphy.
    Crozet vit donc paisiblement un radieux automne, au milieu de ses papotages bon enfant, lorsque débarque Blair Bainbridge, un Yankee incroyablement séduisant qui achète la ferme voisine de celle de Harry. Il est sympathique, et ce n'est vraiment pas de chance qu'au lendemain d'une terrible nuit d'orage, on trouve sur sa propriété deux mains fraîchement tranchées. Au fait, qu'est-ce qui a bien pu le pousser à quitter New York et à abandonner la lucrative profession de mannequins ?

    Une nouvelle reine du crime américaine qui nous offre un tandem d'enquêteurs original à l'humour ravageur.

  • La vie s'écoule paisiblement dans la petite ville de Crozet, en Virginie. Ses habitants partent en vacances et envoient des cartes postales, sous le regard curieux et bienveillant de la postière, Harry, et de ses « filles », Mrs Murphy la chatte tigrée et Tee Tucker, le corgi gallois.
    Tout irait donc pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes, si les cartes postales ne se mettaient pas soudain à représenter des cimetières, et leurs destinataires à être promptement assassinés... Et que signifie ce message sarcastique au dos des cartes postales ? Un tueur fou aurait-il l'intention de semer la terreur, ou bien s'agit-il de vengeance... ? Après tout, dans une petite ville la haine est plus âpre que partout ailleurs...
    Quant à Harry, avant de se lancer à la poursuite du tueur, elle ferait mieux de se souvenir que la curiosité est un vilain défaut, qui pourrait vite s'avérer... mortel !

    Une nouvelle enquête de Mrs Murphy et de son acolyte Tucker, avec un regard insolent sur nos amis... les humains !

  • Anglais Catch as Cat Can

    Rita Mae Brown

    The unsuspicious death of fast-living Roger O'Bannon at the Wrecker's Ball turns into a murder mystery when a second body is discovered, a situation that prompts "Harry" Haristeen and her feline sleuth, Mrs. Murphy, to find a connection between the two victims.


    Rita Mae Brown

    • Bantam
    • 22 August 2014

    The discovery of a murdered body disguised as a cornfield scarecrow is the first of several disturbing events, as Harry and her husband prepare for the local Halloween festivities and uncover a lucrative conspiracy.

  • Français TAIL GAIT

    Rita Mae Brown

    • Bantam
    • 19 April 2016

    Theres nothing like a tail well told. Rita Mae Brown and her feline co-author Sneaky Pie Brown return with an all-new mystery featuring Mary Minor Harry Haristeen, crime-solving cats Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, and ever-faithful Tee Tucker the corgi. TAIL GAIT Spring has sprung in Crozet, Virginia--a time for old friends to gather and bid farewell to the doldrums of winter. Harry and her husband, Fair, are enjoying a cozy dinner with some of the towns leading citizens, including beloved University of Virginia history professor Greg Ginger McConnell and several members of UVAs celebrated 1959 football team. But beneath the cloak of conviviality lurks a sinister specter from the distant past that threatens to put all their lives in jeopardy. When Professor McConnell is found murdered on the golf course the next day--gunned down in broad daylight by an unseen killer--no one can fathom a motive, let alone find a suspect. Just as Harry and her furry cohorts begin nosing into the case, however, a homeless UVA alum confesses to the crime. Trouble is, no one believes that the besotted former All-American could have done the foul deed--especially after Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, and Tucker make another gruesome discovery. As the questions surrounding Gingers death pile up, Harrys search for answers takes her down the fascinating byways of Virginias Revolutionary past. The professor was something of a sleuth himself, it seems, and the centuries-old mystery he was unraveling may well have put a target on his back. As Harry edges closer to identifying an elusive killer, her animal companions sense danger--and rally to find a way to keep Harry from disappearing into history. Praise for the Mrs. Murphy mysteries As feline collaborators go, you couldnt ask for better than Sneaky Pie Brown. --The New York Times Book Review Mrs. Murphy mysteries are fun, sweet, and beautifully adventurous. -- Bustle Brown [is] the queen of the talking animal cozy. -- Publishers Weekly