Laure Siegel

  • Au fil de nos reportages pour la presse spécialisée, le tatouage nous est apparu non plus comme une contre-culture isolée mais comme un véritable prisme d'analyse des sociétés. On peut dire beaucoup d'un pays en observant ce que son peuple se grave sur la peau à un moment précis de son histoire.

    FIGURES LIBRES est un hommage à toutes les personnes croisées sur la route qui font du tatouage un révélateur fascinant des grandes incertitudes et petites victoires d'un monde tumultueux.

    Photographer Dom Pichard aka P-Mod and writer Laure Siegel have spent more than a decade documenting the global tattoo scene for a wide range of publications. Their collaboration, Figures Libres, is a visually arresting journey into how tattooing has grown from isolated counterculture into a prism through which vastly different societies can be observed.

    The two journalists travelled across Europe, Asia, America and Oceania to photograph and interview more than a hundred people intimately connected to the tattoo industry that has emerged in the last three decades. Dom and Laure set out to document how tattoo artists and their acolytes formed their personal and collective identities.

    An Illustrated History of the Tattoo - from Back Alley Subculture to Global Pop Culture