• Anglais BIG HAIR

    James Innes-Smith

    In the beginning, there was the hair. And some of the hair was bad, but it was small. As men and women everywhere worked to improve and increase their lot, however, they stumbled onto some of humankind's most miraculous innovations: spray, gel, mousse, crimping irons, and of course, the perm. With these new tools, people everywhere suddenly found themselves able to coax their lank, lifeless tresses toward glorious new heights. The age of big hair had begun. Now, the greatest of these bouffants, afros, rakes, beehives, and Flock-of-Seagulls have been plucked from their spots in hairdressers' windows and given the respect they so clearly demand. Bigger and badder than you ever dreamed possible, Big Hair goes out to all those people of yesteryear who were unafraid to think BIG.

  • Mullets, quiffs, bouffes and flicks are just some of the atrocities to have emerged from barbers' shops since the 1970s - indeed many barbers' shops still proudly display such images. This is a collection of the best and worst of such gems, culled from windows of hairdressers across the land.