Organisation De Cooperation Et De Developpement Economiques

  • This publication reviews progress made since the 2008 OECD Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy and identifies areas for future work. Seven themes are addressed in the work as follows:

    High-speed infrastructure Digital content and green ICTs Tthe development of smarter applications Cybersecurity and privacy Consumer empowerment and protection An open Internet economy Global participation for development.
    Overall, the review shows that the Internet economy has now reached a point where it has become a new source of growth, with the potential to boost the whole economy, to foster innovation, competitiveness and user participation, and to contribute effectively to the prosperity of society as a whole.

  • As have OECD countries, Colombia has recognised that the communications sector, and in particular high-speed Internet access provided by fixed and mobile broadband, represents a key infrastructure for improving productivity and economic growth and in enhancing the welfare of its citizens. This report reviews policies and regulations in the telecommunication service sector in Colombia. It puts forward recommendations aimed at furthering regulatory reform and stimulating market competition and investment in the sector as a building block for the future development of the Colombian economy. It aims to help achieve one of the government's goals, which is to develop a knowledge-intensive society.

  • Ce rapport fournit un aperçu des efforts réalisés par les pays, qui à travers la réglementation, promeuvent la concurrence et stimulent l'innovation sur les marchés de la communication. Il examine également les questions relatives aux marchés de radiodiffusion, aux infrastructures internet, aux dépenses de communication, à l'usage des ménages et des entreprises et aux tendances des échanges dans les services de télécommunications. Il montre que le secteur des communications a fait preuve de résilience durant la crise financière mondiale (CFM), reflétant ainsi son rôle crucial dans les économies d'aujourd'hui.

  • This document contains revisions to the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines to align transfer pricing outcomes with value creation in the area of intangibles. The changes clarify the definition of intangibles and provide guidance for related parties; including transactions involving intangibles and the transfer pricing treatment of local market features and corporate synergies. Some transfer pricing issues relating to intangibles are closely related to other issues that are to be addressed during 2015, most notably in relationto the allocation of risk among MNE group members and recharacterisation of transactions. Because of those interactions some sections of this document are in intermediate form and will be finalised in 2015.