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The human mind is an enigma; howbeit, we seem to make a go of things among ourselves. Should man lose his mind he would be in an extremely precarious condition, for, unless his mind were restored to him, he must forever be without another's mind he cannot have. Woman seldom loses her mind, though she could lose her temper. To say that one knows his own mind is travesty burlesque treatment of a lofty subject. Claiming to know another's mind is most absurd. Never do people think alike. Our views may be in accord on certain subjects we may vote for the same candidate, place money on the same horse, yell for the same team, patronize the same preacher, or bootlegger, as the case may be-two men may form an affection for the same woman too bad, but the forces impelling these decisions are not the same with different individuals. When the Lord placed Adam on this earth, He gave Adam the power of speech, and speech, of necessity, is of the mind, first. One does not speak before thinking, but one can speak without concentrating on his thoughts. Speech is an acquired characteristic and writing is of the same category. Through man's ability to speak and write, to hear and see, he absorbs knowledge or passes knowledge to others that they may profit through his experiences ...

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